Connect. Inspire. Give Back. Together.

We change lives by connecting young people to experiences that inspire them. 

It’s our hope that JA Together will help build a bridge between our alumni and the newest generation of leaders, creating a self-fueled cycle of paying it forward. 

We believe businesses and volunteers can help students own their educations and their futures. When students realize their true potential and inherently understand what they can achieve, they become the next link in the chain. 

As a volunteer or donor, you can inspire students by showing them what’s possible.

How You’ve Made A Difference

JA volunteers from Burnett Specialists introduced the concept of how money impacts our lives to Kindergarten students at Herrera Elementary in Houston Independent School District.

Next Level Urgent Care Junior Achievement

Students learn about medical careers from a JA’s Job Shadow programs, earn internships, then full-time jobs at Next Level Urgent Care.

BBVA volunteers deliver JA’s “Kick Start Your Career” to young women identified to participate in ROSES, the sister program to the Ascending to Men Project.

What JA Together members say

Walter Ulrich

As a teenager, Junior Achievement gave me a fun and invaluable experience in understanding how business really works. JA was a powerful head start on a wonderful career, now supporting our neighbors in Texas during COVID-19 while also providing tons of desperately needed medical supplies and lifesaving equipment to the developing world.


– Walter Ulrich, CEO & President, Medical Bridges

My favorite part was when the volunteers were telling us how we can be the change for our future and that we are the next generation.
Veberli F.


JA shares so many wonderful ideas about our community. I enjoyed the real world experience that JA brings to my students. They were so excited about it all.
Sherrye S.


It was not just a learning experience for the children, but for me as well! This was a wonderful experience. I learned a lot–from the children!
Corazon V.


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